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Dr. Neetu Singh

Dr. Neetu Singh’s Bio

Chétana is thrilled to be back with Akhanda Yoga as the Program Coordinator, enrolling students, connecting with graduates, planning retreats and working on newsletters and blogs. A writer, she has published a number of articles and blog posts on yoga philosophy, teaching and holistic living. Chétana co-founded World Conscious Yoga Family in 2003 and the Akhanda Yoga approach, and has facilitated philosophy, methodology and transformational experiences sessions for about 25 Akhanda Yoga Teacher Training programs. She has been blessed to have the opportunity to explore the yoga of motherhood and the moment-to-moment presence being with children can inspire.

Experiences Offered

Dr. Neetu Singh offers the following

500 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh

  • Yoga course material
  • Free Ayurveda pulse diagnostic consultation
  • Yoga Alliance USA certificate
  • 3 times a day Ayurveda diet
  • 61 nights accommodation
  • 2-3 herbal teas a day
  • 3 meals a day