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Dr. E. Amaravathi

Dr. E. Amaravathi’s Bio

Dr. E. AMARAVATHI, is an accomplished yoga therapist and a modern Guru, who has relentlessly pursued integrating scientific and medical approaches with yoga therapy. She is a Masters in Physiotherapy with specialization in Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Disorders. She has tremendous expertise in ICU Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy applications in various conditions and Therapeutic Yoga.She has dealt with more than 900 cases of Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and disorders and more than 1000 orthopedic and more than 400 lifestyle disorder cases.

She has demonstrated a keen teaching acumen and has worked as an Assistant Professor, Physiotherapy & Yoga Therapy Consultant, S-VYASA, Bangalore. She has trained hundreds of students in Physiotherapy, MD (Yoga and Rehabilitation) and Bachelors in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (BNYS) courses.

In addition, her administrative skills have led her to coordinate various programs under the Division of Life Sciences, S-VYASA such as Bachelors in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (BNYS), MD, PhD and PGDYT

She is currently pursuing her PhD in Yoga from S-VYASA, Bangalore, Karnataka.