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I remember very clearly in my early thirties wanting to "slow my life down" - thus began my journey into yoga. I spent 5 years at Fausto Dorelli's Innergy Centre in London, which was an incredible grounding for my practice and for teaching. The Sivananda Teacher Training was a natural deepening of my understanding of Yoga and its origins.

The real teaching, however, with regard to the essence of Yoga, has come through my years of Satsang and silent retreats with Satyananda. There are never any specific teachings on Yoga, or any subject for that matter, rather an unswerving reference to what actually is - this present moment.

Through my time with Satyananda I have had the courage to practice and teach what was innately within me rather than that which I thought I ought to teach, perhaps based on what other teachers were teaching. There developed a growing trust for what felt right in the moment, and the form of the Yoga has become of significantly lesser importance than my quality of mind whilst practicing and teaching.

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