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Brie Lamers

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Brie grew up speaking of her dreams as a real part of daily life, having out of body experiences, and having the deep knowing that magic is real and anything is possible. These experiences have brought her to this moment, exactly where she wants to be. Living in Bali for now with Bjorn, her husband of 20 years, and their children, she has stepped rather radically out of many of the systems of Western society. Their children have been mainly unschooled, given the opportunity to learn from their hearts, where bliss resides, and to live in trust~ as this is uncharted territory.

Brie has been facilitating healing journeys through sound, guided visual meditation, deep listening and love. She practices energy movement, heart expansion and living in her essence. Within her heart space and presence, she is able to lean into greater depths while helping others to find their aliveness, bliss, and the ability to embrace radical self love and limitless~ness.

Relationship Awakening is something Brie and Bjorn love to do together. They offer sacred space for people to come into deeper connection within themselves and others through conscious communication. Finding great joy in offering new ideas and perspectives to the unsuspecting, Brie spends much time gently shattering old paradigms and making space for expansion and amazing “impossibilities” to occur.

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Art of Life Yoga and Raw food Retreat Bali, Indonesia