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Bjorn Leonards’s Bio

Bjorn lives with his wife Brie and two of their three children exactly where they want to live. Right now that is Ubud, Bali. Bjorn does not buy into the rigid and limited mainstream concept based on fear and guilt. As a consequence neither he nor his wife have a conventional 9 to 5 job. And their children don’t go to school. In Bjorn’s opinion institutions are there to be questioned and thoroughly scrutinised. They exist so we can experience how it feels to give away our power and find out what happens when we are instructed to blindly follow. Restricted by oftentimes bs rules and regulations.

Bjorn lives immersing himself in a conscious Love Affair with Life. He sees himself as a Life Artist, constantly evaluating, shifting, envisioning and creating from the infinite art supply life is offering at all times.

He is deeply dedicated to fully showing up. All the way. Every day. With his wide open Heart. Allowing Love to flow unrestricted. Noticing, translating and sharing his experience with people who are ready to step into their full life potential. This and his capability to hold safe and sacred space, to See and unconditionally hold people, has made him a sought after personal development guide and mentor and inspirational speaker.

Together with Brie they are also working with couples and individuals sharing their experience and insights of Alive Relationships.

Currently Working With

Art of Life Yoga and Raw food Retreat Bali, Indonesia