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Benu Shreedhar’s Bio

ndia has been a land of spirituality and mysticism from the beginning and for thousands a great land in search of something special which can fill their gap in the life. Monasteries are numerous in India who gave shelter to such people and try to encourage them for soul searching. Educated in field of science in graduation, medical science in post graduation then computer studies earned a job in MNC for Florida based company then due to inclination towards more deeper philosophy and experience started to travel to Himalayas a journey from southern tip kanyakumari to northern tip kedarnath experiencing India. Met many masters on the way started to practice meditation and japa yoga. From 1991 without any guidance from outside. The first spiritual books guided was THE LIFE DIVINE and SAVITHRI two major classics of yoga written by great master SRI AURABINDO. in 1996 met and blessed by great mother Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi in kerala.

In 2003 stayed with Swami Satyananda of Bihar school of yoga for a gurukul monastery life for six months. This six months helped to practice and understand karma yoga and yoga nidra. In 2007 took a diploma in yoga from university of Kerala. In 2012 another yoga from Bihar school of yoga under SWAMI NIRANJANANDA SARASWATHY. In 2011 Didi art of living course under the guidance of sri sri Ravi shankar master in his main centre BANGALORE India. 2009 stayed with swami PREMANANDA of Uttarkashi to observe a silence of six months as a part of mind training. Then studied Vedanta under swami Preamanada through a higher text call yoga vasishta. Uttarkashi he met with many scholars and traditional monks and modern spiritual seekers from all parts of the world who on the way to source of ganga river stay in uttarkashi and seek spiritual knowledge. 

The long pilgrimage and association with mentally trained people helped to graspa little glimpse of the wealth hidden in spiritual India and yoga training with satyananda helped to understand basics of yoga. Visits to ammaji gave princilples of bhakti yoga and charity. Now the experiences from 1991 till date is collecting. Now conducting yoga classes and retreats in Indian traditional way to share the basic knowledge to those who are new in this path. 20 years of knowledge acquired through sources like reading holy books, attending spiritual discourses, association with monks, travelling to holy places, doing religious rituals, attending conferences, doing yoga courses, teaching yoga ,listening to masters and self meditation (from inside) is now sharing and nourishing with all through yoga sections. Rather than tough body alignments and body postural practices interested in knowledge part and meditation more.

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