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Beatrice Ayotte

RYS 200,

Beatrice Ayotte’s Bio

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Beatrice is deeply passionate about life and adventure. She has always been looking for new ways to get out of her comfort zone and push her boundaries. The practice of yoga helps her to challenge herself daily: mentally, physically and spiritually.

The desire to deepen her practice brought her to Kranti Yoga in May 2014. She completed her 200 hr YTTC. With a passion for Vinyasa Flow, the traditional Ashtanga Yoga helped her gain a deeper knowledge of details and technique and a better understanding of the human body. Since graduating, she quit fashion school to pursue her goal of becoming a full time yoga instructor. She has been teaching various styles of yoga in her hometown including Yin Yoga, Hatha, Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Flow.  She has also branched out, teaching yoga to kids after completing her training in yoga for children in Montreal.

Beatrice believes that by practicing yoga, you get to know yourself better first through your body, your breath, your mind and all its patterns and therefore getting closer to your true essence, your Self. When you get to understand yourself better in your entirety, slowly you begin to understand everything better : people, nature, universal laws. You become more curious, more compassionate, more alive than ever. Yoga is a powerful transformative tool and she’s forever grateful to be able to help people to change their own lives through it, and therefore, change the world in her own way.

Having fallen in love with the traditional eastern yoga philosophy and the western creative yoga sequences, she has created her own practice that inspires and rejuvenates her and she hopes to share her love of it with you.

Beatrice is a long term Kranti Yoga student who visits us often to deepen their own practice, knowledge and teaching skills and share their knowledge with the Kranti village community.

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