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Anouk Petzoldt Aoun

Anouk Petzoldt Aoun’s Bio

Teaching since 2010

I feel one of Yoga’s most precious gifts to humanity lies in its emphasis on our relationship to ourselves and to all other Beings around us. It is a constant challenge to apply a fluid stream of tolerance, kindness and happiness in our daily lives, but as result of my own spiritual search, I am persuaded it can only start from contemplative work we do within ourselves.

After attending my first class back in 1997, I continue to be drawn to Yoga as a daily practice, in and beyond its physical aspect. I am fascinated by Yoga philosophy and the work with our breath, and find myself drawn ever deeper into the legacy that master Yogis have left us. For me, Yoga opens a world of mystery and magic.

I completed my teacher training at Brahmani Yoga in 2009 and since have had the privilege to participate in assisting and teaching at several of Brahmani’s TT programs and public classes of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation.

I see teaching as an act of giving and devotion and my intention is to guide and inform my students, to endow them to develop their own individual practice, physical and spiritual. While remaining inquisitive, I believe we can best evolve through good intention, discipline, our own humility and our love for ourselves and ‘the other’. I would like to help students cultivate these qualities as I continue to cultivate them myself through my practice.

Currently Working With

Brahmani Yoga Goa India