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Anna Bluman

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Teaching since 2013

Anna’s passion for yoga began over 15 years ago and she’s been teaching since 2003. Her many inspiring teachers have included: Godfrey Devereux, Louisa Sear and most recently Julie Martin of Brahmani in India, where she returns reguarly to teach and study.
Her Vinyasa Flow classes are inclusive and accessible and she teaches with warmth and presence. Creating intelligent sequences that biomechnaically prepare the body, using the Vinyasa Krama method. Waves, pulses and flows, reawaken muscles, and tight connective tissue. The body is eased in safely, so it feels stable, tuned in and ready.
“Yoga reconnects you with the present moment. You arrive back in your body. Reconnecting with yourself and to what is actually happening. Letting go of the need to know what’s coming next, and the anxiety that often accompanies that need. It is this connection that makes yoga so much more than just exercise

Currently Working With

Brahmani Yoga Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh