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Anita Taylor

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Anita is a shining example of real transformation.  After being diagnosed with MS she decided to choose the road less traveled. Intuition told her she could heal naturally so she chose to follow that inner guidance and did not take the regular allopathic route. She embarked on a journey of self discovery and self mastery. She set upon researching and changed her entire lifestyle. The foundation of her transformation was her diet, she changed to 100% raw food. She found a naturopathic doctor with 40 years experience in the detoxification field who supported her healing with a range of high quality organic herbs.

MS is a neurological condition requiring a very high fruit intake as it is the only food that can regenerate neurons. Neurons are cells that transmit and process information, they are also the core components of the brain and spinal cord.

Being housebound with a limited range of movement and extreme fatigue, exercise was impossible so she started with the most basic of yoga and breathing exercises. Each day she dedicated herself to the art of detoxification, practicing yoga along with a host of other healing modalities that helped along the way.  Slowly she began to see results and heal.

Not only did Anita heal her physical body but she opened herself up to a new way of living authentically and organically. Her body and mind were stripped of reasoning and everything that she had previously been limited by!

Today she lives free from programming and limitations and is inspiring and leading others to a life of pure health, joy and bliss.

Through cultivating her own awareness Anita is now dedicated to awakening others to their full potential. Anita is a natural healer and her ability to heal comes from the knowledge that she is healed!

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