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Anand’s Bio

Anand started his Yogic practices at the age of twelve, his heart yearned to understand spirituality on deeper level, which he eventually tasted in meditation and in the teachings of Great Masters such as Swami Vivekananda and Swami Shivananda. For the last four years Anand has been a Yoga teacher who brings his effort, energy, humor and philosophy to every class he teaches. He has taken classes for various established organisations in India and currently leads classes for various yoga enthusiasts. According to him what helps him keep the class full of life is his openness to learn more about Yoga through the interaction with his students. During his free time Anand engages himself in reading and knowing about life and philosophy of masters, mystics and gurus such as Buddha, Pramhansa Yogananda, Patanjali, Laotzu, Sri Ramkrishna and many more.

Currently Working With

 Abhinam Yoga Center