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Amy Guthrie

Amy Guthrie’s Bio

Amy was born and raised in Southern California.For years she searched for a more meaningful life. At the young age of 21 she had her first child, and now had more of a reason to find more depth.

After the birth of her son she found Yoga and it changed her life. The practice put so many things into perspective and gave her tools to apply to her daily life. Taking 3 trainings for Thai Yoga Massage before she started teaching she was able to dive into a more spiritual life. Thai Massage enabled Amy to express healing through touch and movement. It just felt right.

After the start of her Thai massage practice Amy felt the urge to start Teaching Yoga as well. She studied with Tamal Dodge in Venice beach, California for her 200 hour certification and started offering classes right away in Redlands California. After the training something clicked in Amy’s life and she knew that she had found her purpose. She moved to Los Angeles and offered classes and massage there.

Amy traveled the world teaching Yoga retreats and exploring. Upon hosting a retreat in Santa Teresa Costa Rica, at Pranamar villas, she fell in love. It was time for a major life change and she went for it! She packed everything and moved to the jungle. Amy now teaches along side the greats at Pranamar and all over the world.

Amy believes we can heal our bodies through movement! Yoga gives us the opportunity find openness and allow all that needs to flow, to be free to do so.

We build up tension in our bodies in the form of fascia or connective tissue. These physical blockages prevent proper blood and energetic flow. With Yoga and Thai Yoga massage we can free ourselves from the prison of tension. The more we open our physical body, the more love and peace we can invite into our lives. When all of the physical processes: blood flow, healthy organ function, free moving joints, are in working order, the mind can then begin to heal from past trauma and and negativity. This is Amy’s vision, to be able to help you find clarity in your life. We are all capable of  experiencing true love for ourselves. It just take a little bit of effort and inner work which we can help guide you through. Always remember that you are a pure being full of light, and you can achieve anything you desire in your life!

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Pranamar Villas Surf & Yoga Retreat Santa Teresa, Costa Rica