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Amey’s Bio

Being Spiritual is our very nature and Amey realized this when he was introduced to the path of Dnyan Yog and Bhakti Yog. It is during this blissful journey Amey experienced the Higher and Deeper Dimensions of Human Existence. As a natural progression Amey started working in the direction of introducing people to the Spiritual World and this work eventually became his experience of Karma Yog. Realizing the Divine that is within is a realistic possibility for each one of us and for the last 8 years Amey has been working with sole intention of creating an environment where people include this Spiritual Way of Living into the day to day Life.

Amey sees himself as a friend rather than a guru or a mentor. He believes trust, openness, transparency and love are integral for uninterrupted and unadulterated exchange of knowledge. He says ‘my work is just to create a conducive environment and the true knowledge of self will unfold itself within the seeker’.

Currently Working With

 Shiva Shakti Yoga Goa India