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Ambar Villegas

Ambar Villegas’s Bio

Teaching since 2010

Ambar started practicing and studying massage at age 15. Her devotion to body work lead her to deepen her knowledge and she has been studying ever since. In 2010 she started her career as Physical Therapist at St Paula University and she expects to continue her studies in bodywork and physical therapy throughout her whole life. She is a very experienced therapist, with a special intuition about muscles and joint restriction. Her session is a combination of Deep Tissue Massage (her favorite) Swedish Massage, Aromatouch Technique, and Stretching Techniques applied to Therapeutic Massage. Ambar is also an expert in different skin care and spa treatments, as well as Manicure/Pedicure technician.

Currently Working With

Holis Spa Yoga and Wellness Center Costa Rica