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Aman Mandeep Walia

E-RYT 200,

Aman Mandeep Walia’s Bio

Aman Mandeep Walia, founder and lead teacher at Ek Omkar Yoga. His physical awareness started in his teenage years as he intensely practiced sports, martial arts and attended the gym. The physical level was there, but something was missing. So he went to work and live in the Osho commune in Pune at twenty years old and got introduced to Osho’s meditations. It was a life changing time for him and was the first step into self-awareness. He then went to Dharamsala where he took hatha yoga classes, finding them a great addition to his physical and meditation activities and that it was the safest and smoothest way to practice both.

After several years of attending hatha yoga asana classes and doing personal practice, he felt it was time for him to deepen his knowledge and went to do his first 200-hour teacher training course at Bihar yoga ashram in North East India. Bihar school of yoga is a renowned traditional ashram where people come from all over to have an authentic understanding and teaching of what yoga is as a whole lifestyle. This is where Aman got to see and practice the yogic lifestyle on a daily basis (gurukul lifestyle) and realized it was the way for him to reach a higher level of spirituality.
After leaving the ashram, he continued applying this lifestyle and asana practice until he was ready for the next step in his yoga journey. His longing for more made him go to the Himalayas to complete a second 200-hour teacher training course at Sivananda Vedanta ashram . He started to teach drop-in classes and after a few years decided to create his own yoga school Ek Omkar Yoga to teach others how to spread yoga as far as possible.
He spent some time in Mysore to expand his practice and understanding of ashtanga vinyasa yoga. 
Aman’s view of yoga is more than just about the asana practice focusing mostly on the physical level, it is a complete way of living. Aman wishes to share the traditional Indian yoga culture and way of living. Pranayama and meditation are main focused to help calm the mind and body. He wants to open his students to a new dimension in their life, bringing awareness, respect, peace of mind and discipline in a joyful way. He is a friendly, warm-hearted and humble man, keen to share his experience with whoever is truly interested in yoga.

He has traveled to India and to Europe and likes to talk about his travel stories with his students who often become his friends.

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