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At Pavones Yoga Center our intention is to provide delicious, fresh, organic and consciously balanced food that energizes and brings out the clarity inherent within all of us. Our team of chefs create unique and delicious dishes using local ingredients sourced within Costa Rica, bringing organic food to the table to the maximum extent possible. Our food is simple yet flavorful, nutritionally dense, beautifully presented, and always prepared with love. Pavones Yoga Center chefs cater to food sensitivities and allergies. Our menu is vegetarian.

A self-taught artist and Pavones Yoga Center's head chef, Alex is happy to be pursuing his dream living on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica painting, surfing, helping local children paint murals, and cooking. His work is inspired by his travels and heavily influenced by a combination of the Buddhist imagery he discovered in Indonesia and Malaysia, and the surf scene he has been a part of for decades.

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