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Agnideep Rijal

Agnideep Rijal’s Bio

Agnideep has been immersed in the world of yoga, meditation and kirtan since his early childhood. His family home was located in the vicinity of an ashram, where he used to spend his free time. Since an early age his favourite activity was practicing yoga, meditation, reading spiritual books and learning about many aspects of ashram life.

During later years his interest in spiritual matters diminished for a short while, as he got involved with his family's business and got caught up in, as he says, the material world for a period of time. During that time he suffered a serious accident and had to spend a few months recovering and this is when he re-discovered his passion for the path of yoga. As soon as he recovered, he left the business and went to India, where he travelled visiting many holy places and eventually settled in an ashram for one year. He joined Purna Yoga soon after returning to Nepal and today he is a very dedicated, caring and knowledgeable teacher.
Agnideep enjoys spending his time playing harmonium and tabla, studying yogic knowledge in great depth and his dream is to travel the world.

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