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Adam’s Bio

Teaching since 1980

Since the late 1980s, Adam has been a residential interior designer. Fortunate enough to have worked with many successful people, he had a latent desire to direct his energy towards spiritual and energetic life. When Aaron became Adam’s yoga teacher, the pair began talking about creating a yoga retreat. Several years later, while visiting Costa Rica, they stumbled upon a gated waterfront site with a rusted Century 21 sign and yelping dogs. With the retreat location found, Blue Osa was born. Adam applied three decades of experience into nearly two years of planning with Aaron and another year of construction, employing 48 skilled workers, to build Blue Osa. The resulting tropical-style design is based on “local wisdom” using the native woods Teca and Cristobial, passive design elements like sunshades, overhangs, vaulted ceilings and tree shading, and open interior spaces that capture sea breezes. Five years later, reflecting on his decision to engage in this venture, Adam affirms: “Blue Osa represents the power of the human spirit and what you can do with your life if you let go.”

Currently Working With

Blue Osa Yoga Retreat And Spa Costa RIca