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Acharya Vinay’s Bio

Acharya Vinay was born  into a Brahmin family where yoga was a household virtue and his grandfather passed his legacy to his father in form of traditional values of yoga, astrology and dharma. He started studying the scriptures on Veda, Upanishads and Yoga under his father at the early age of 12. It is still a tradition in India, that such disciplines are passed on from generation to generation. The seeds were sown very early, but as like every seed, it took time to ripe out. It got ripe with the initiation by his Guru Yogi Rudranath of Himalayas and acharya was inclined towards a spiritual outlook of life.

While being a child, he was blessed with the opportunity of being in the satsang of several saints and spiritual teachers from different walks of life. Among those were karma yogis and swamis who provided a healthy fertilizer for the seed which was sown earlier.  He was driven onto this sacred path of acquiring the yogic knowledge under his father whom he considers to be his first guru who gave all the foundational values. And later he was initiated by Guru Rudranath of nath tradition consolidating the resolve and providing him further guidance. Acharya ascribes Jeevmoksha as a vision transferred from Rudranth ji for promoting yoga and allied systems all over.

By family lines acharya is also a disciple of the ancient Sri Vidya tradition of Tantra. It’s the oldest followed sect in India which is established on the principles of Shakti and her attributes. Adi Shakti is the name for goddess and she is considered to be the divine mother from which this whole existence emerges. Shakti is worshipped in her nine forms each being responsible for one aspect of the universe.


  1. He completed his teacher’s training at Yoga Vidya Gurkul in Nasik under the guidance of Acharya Vishwas Mandlik.
  2. Completed his academic education at the University of Sanskrit by obtaining a master’s degree in Yogic Sciences while studying in Rishikesh.
  3. He also obtained Masters in Ecology and Environmental sciences and strongly feels the need for awareness in masses about deteriorating balance of environment.

He has worked with various organizations and individuals from all walks of life and attended workshops on developing the yogic traditions with elements from tradition as well and modern learning methodology. Working tirelessly since last 14 years towards teaching and spreading awareness on yoga, Acharya Vinay has been firm on his path and mission.

His teaching pattern is based on mastering the alignment and accuracy in every element of yoga practice. He has a simple and soft way of communication and believes in understanding each and every individual before commencing the training program without which the process of learning cannot be completed.

In 2012 he established Jeevmoksha Yoga Gurukul and Jeevmoksha institute of Yoga Studies in Rishikesh for imparting the yoga education to people from all across the globe in the holy city of Rishikesh which has its own spiritual history. As all knows Rishikesh India is best location for best yoga teacher training india. His vision in the next upcoming year is to establish a Yoga Ashram in the surroundings of Rishikesh, which will serve as a learning institution as well as hermitage for seekers of yogic knowledge.

As he says often, “for me teaching yoga in not just holding classes at fixed times, rather it is something which requires a connection to be established between people through which they can communicate easily irrespective of linguistic or psychic barriers.”

Also he says, “It has been a fascinating experience up till now, recognizing my dharma as a human being while connecting with people from so many different areas and fields of life and helping them understand the true meaning of Yoga.

There is so much for all of us to know and derive out of this system called Yog, and its not a journey of one lifetime. These are very positive and sacred impressions that we develop and carry with us to many other lives, which certainly is a true phenomenon, until we are completely free from all impressions and liberated.