Osho Divine Temple Kathmandu, Nepal


Osho Divine Temple Kathmandu, Nepal

Near Osho Tapoban, 1 Number Bridge Trishuli Highway, Mudkhu P.O. Box: 7147, Nepal


This Osho meditation retreat Nepal is run by a small group of Osho sannyasins who have devoted their life in pursuit of meditation and inner bliss. With a motto of sharing love and the knowledge of the various aspects of meditation with everyone, this centre was founded by Swami Basho Samarpan. Set in the scenic environments of the Nagarjuna Forest area Nepal, this centre is a zone of peace and happiness that welcomes seekers from all over the world to undergo an inner journey through various dynamic meditation practices.

Swami Basho Samarpan is a master degree holder in Buddhist religion and Philosophy and was a teacher in the Lumbini University. He became a disciple of Osho and gained deep knowledge in various spiritual practices and alternative medicines such as therapies, meditation, Yoga, Reiki and others. He has done various levels of sadhana in the Himalayas and spent a year in a silence retreat on the banks of the holy Narmada River in India. He has received love and blessings from various spiritual masters, including Osho himself.

The Centre arranges for various course including various forms of meditation that include Kundalini meditation, Chakra meditation and Nada Brahma meditation. There are also sessions of Yoga that helps to connect the body and mind and enable a person to access the great reserves of latent energy inside him through Kundalini meditation. The centre also offers various sessions of energy healing, chakra healing and Reiki which have various therapeutic values and help in overcoming the barriers within the self.

The Osho meditation retreat Nepal is an oasis of peace and love that offers a meditative experience to the visitors through various methods including no-mind meditation and dancing meditation. It encourages each visitor to take an inward journey and discover the self.

Accommodation Overview

Accommodation facilities in the Osho meditation retreat Nepal include tastefully designed private single rooms, shared double rooms and dormitory facilities. The retreat is designed in an environmentally friendly manner and has a restaurant, library and a meeting room. There is also a beautiful meditation garden and a Yogashala where daily yoga and Kundalini meditation practices are done. Free Wi-Fi facility along with laundry and luggage storing services are also available. The entire facility is maintained as a smoking-free zone.

Experiences Offered

Osho Divine Temple Kathmandu, Nepal offers the following

4 Days / 3 Nights Osho De-stress Meditation in Kathmandu, Nepal

  • 3 Nights Accommodation
  • 3 Vegetarian meals daily
  • Yoga and Meditation sessions
  • A tour of a heritage site
  • A day of silent meditation
  • Free pickup and drop from Airport