Castle Mandawa

Hotel Castle Mandawa Pvt. Ltd District, Jhunjhunu Rajasthan, India


Luxury & Heritage Hotel in Rajasthan, India

If the desert blooms in myriad colours, it is in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. Shekhawati is where every home is adorned with gaily-painted murals that illuminate the arid landscape. It is the place, which makes you feel the suggestive sand beneath your feet, while making sure that the feeling is as beautiful as its architecture.

Best Heritage Resort in Rajasthan

Perhaps the best place to discover the legacy of Shekhawati is through the redefined history and luxury of Castle Mandawa, a fortress, now converted into a luxurious heritage hotel. It revives the whole idea of luxury in a royal yet contemporary elegance- Medieval turreted towers, palanquin-roofed balconies blend with modern comforts in old-world rooms. Family portraits, antique cannons and arms add to the charm of this family-run resort where tradition still runs strong. Even time is measured by a different clock- a huge brass gong struck by the resident timekeepers at the fort every hour.

Rajasthan’s Best Heritage Hotel

Castle Mandawa is a part of Mandawa Group of Hotels, a privately owned hotel company, rich in Rajashtjan’s royal heritage and architecture. Today it stands as a jewel in a King’s crown that offers 70 outstandingly reinstated grand luxury suites and rooms, which were the chambers of the former Maharajas.

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