Calcutta Bungalow

Calcutta Bungalow 5 Radha Kanta Jeu Street Kolkata, India- 700004


We set out looking for a suitable structure to base our first adaptive reuse project in. After inspecting dozens of buildings we narrowed down on this one for several good reasons:

  1. It had a 40 feet road in front of it which is unusual as most North Calcutta homes are tucked inside narrow alleys, and ingress and egress becomes a Herculean task in the day.
  2. It’s connectivity to the airport is 30 minutes maximum which is a big blessing for the city. The Oberoi Grand, on the contrary, is at least an hour away.
  3. It was built in the classical style in spite of being a 1926 structure when other modern buildings were being built in the art deco style. So in a way it captured the golden era in Calcutta’s construction history.

It was located in a wonderful neighbourhood with a close knit community. Calcutta’s largest public park is nearby which houses swimming clubs, tennis courts, cricket pitches, football grounds, children’s playgrounds, yoga clubs et al.

  1. Structurally we couldn’t have found a more stable 90 year old building especially after seeing several in various states of disrepair. This one needed very little structural strengthening.
  2. It had two courtyards so there was a ‘private piece of the sky’ available for the residents.

Accommodation Overview