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The Navutu Dreams Resort is an eco-chic resort set amidst the pristine sceneries of Cambodia and is the base for the 300 hrs yoga teacher training course. This training is conducted by Maha Mukti Yoga school and is ideal for those who want to expand their knowledge of Yoga and also for those who have completed the 200 hour yoga teacher’s course. With an in-depth look at the traditional and modern methods of practice, this course offers a comprehensive insight into the ancient science of Hatha Yoga.

This Yoga teacher training course in Cambodia delves into the nuances of Hatha Yoga and includes aspects of Patanjali and Astanga Yoga. Each day of the training in this Yoga holiday will open up a new domain of learning and exploration in line with the ancient Yogic literatures. The Yoga teacher training course will gradually deepen the intensity of the practices while enhancing core power and strength of the body. The pranayams and meditations, being an integral part of Hatha Yoga, augment mental concentration levels.

The 300 hrs yoga teacher training in Cambodia, approaches Yoga not just as a practice but also as a tool to elevate a human being in the spiritual path. The Yoga teacher training course provides thorough knowledge about the layers of the human body, the anatomy and the energy structure, allowing the participants to grasp the significance and sequencing of every asana and mudra of Hatha Yoga. Along with various forms of meditations, elements of Bhakti Yoga through mantras, bhajans and kirtans are also incorporated in this 300 hrs yoga teacher training.

 The peaceful ambience of this retreat in Cambodia, offers an ideal environment to realize the philosophies of Yoga and Vedanta. The 300 hrs yoga teacher training, enables each participant to spread the message of Yoga as a dedicated teacher.



About the center

Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat Siem Reap, Cambodia

On the outskirts and in close proximity to the Siem Reap International Airport lies the only resort and wellness retreat of Siem Reap, Cambodia, namely Navutu Dreams.

Navutu Dreams is considered to be a tropical island dream and is all but a 15-minute-drive away from Angkor Archaeological Park, a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Siem Reap-based retreat venue constructed around three lagoon-style pools and is charged with bringing the beach to the town of Siem Reap. Additionally, it boasts of a meticulously-crafted wellness program which are designed for the purpose of putting the body and mind through a relaxing detox session.

This eye-soothing destination is spread out over an area of a hectare and a half and offers a legion of mentally & spiritually enriching experiences to its patrons under its roof. Some of those experiences include that of settling yourself into one of the 28 Mediterranean-style rooms and eating fresh while being in tune with nature at the Niam Niam restaurant.

Additional experiences offered at Navutu are that of relieving your body of all the mental and physical stresses with the help of traditional Asian massages at the in-house Honeycomb spa and a multitude of soul-nourishing activities which makes Navutu Dreams the perfect destination for retreats, which shouldn’t come as a surprise since Navutu Dreams is considered to be the proponent of wellness travel in Cambodia.

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Accommodation Overview

Navutu’s Siem Reap hotel offers as many as 28 accommodation options across the board. These Mediterranean-style spacious, bright & simplistic rooms are divided into three categories, namely the Explorer, Grand Tour Luxury & the Grand Suite Family rooms.

These simple, relaxing yet unique residential structures are carefully laid out around the three magnanimous pools that have been built for its getaway-seeking residents.

Whether you’re venturing out to Cambodia all by yourself, with a loved one or your entire family, the architects of Siem Reap have constructed something for you.

Each and every room offers its inhabitants a different but an equally spectacular view of its surroundings and nearby pool areas. They all also come fully equipped with televisions & wireless internet connection.

What is Included

  • 300 hrs yoga teacher training course
  • 23 Nights accommodation
  • 3 Daily yogic vegetarian meals
  • Daily group yoga and meditation group classes
  • Daily drinking water,tea, and fresh juice
  • Free Airport Pickup (Nearest Airport)
  • Course Material
  • Daily yoga and meditation classes

What is not Included


  • Flights and visas
  • Personal Expenses

Cancellation Policy

100% refundable before 30 days of arrival date.