Mandrem beach a small scenic beach located in the north part of Goa is home to Upaya Yoga. Upaya Yoga is located inside Riva beach resort away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the market. The Yogashal (Yoga hall) at Upaya Yoga is located right next to the beach.

At Upaya yoga we meet with Krishan the founder and one of the teachers at Upaya Yoga.

We asked Krishna a few questions and here is what he had to say :

Why did you start a yoga centre and that too in Goa?

Mandrem, Goa is a nice holiday place so you are not only coming for yoga you have so many other opportunities to discover. For me the location after my teaching is most important. I want my Yogashala to be close to the water and away from the noise of the city.

So last season I travelled all Goa in search of a place. By accident my friend called me here and told me why don’t I start  my Yogashala here and so where we are close to water in a quite place away from the city noise.

Why did you start practicing yoga? What made you so interested in yoga?

After my graduation I went to Osho Ashram and I stay 6 years there and then I got the varicose veins problem because of lots of dancing. So I got the varicose veins problem so I went to the doctor, he was also a sanyasi and he said come to my hospital we will operate your leg, but then my friend said hey stop why you want to do this you can try something else before you go for the operation and I said WHAT? try Yoga. My situation was I could not sleep at all pain all the time in my leg, I still have a very big vein as you can see.

Then I start Yoga it gave me relief and I got more into the Yoga. I went to himalaya, Dhramshala and was travelling around all the time many years before I went to Norway. Teaching here and there taking more education about different styles just wanted to know what is different. Then I wanted to share the knowledge.

What is your style of yoga, what you teach your students?

We are very dedicated and we like dedicated students and teachers, so no drop in classes and no single day guest lectures.

Since we want our students to teach hence we teach everything from the basic. Asana, alignment, philosophy and anatomy.

3 things you would like to teach your students, your aim and mission?

The 3 things

  1. I would like to see them teach once they finish the course
  2. I would like them to have clarity not only in Yoga, but also in their life
  3. Honesty

What does a typical day at Upaya Yoga Goa look like?

We start 06:30 and in the winter we start at 07:00
  • First we have Pranayam
  • Then Asana practice based on the foundation
  • After this we have Breakfast
  • After that for the 1st we have lessons on how to teach
  • After the first week what all postures we teach in the morning we explain every posture very clearly meaning hands on alignment and all questions answered
  • Then comes Lunch
  • After Lunch everyday 30 mins Yoga Nidra, this is to recharge your battery again for the evening
  • Then Philosophy
  • Then Meditation or Asana practice
  • Around 18:30 we end the day
Food is purely vegetarian Satvik food cooked here.
To visit the profile of Upaya Yoga Upaya Yoga Goa.

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