Bright sunshine, warm sea breeze and clean sand below your feet that is what Patnem Beach, Goa is like which is home to Green Yoga India. The first thing that comes to your mind as soon as you reach Green Yoga centre is the amazing view and the rhythmic calmness.
We meat with Veronica and Atmarekha who apart from being the founders of Green Yoga are also wife & husband.
We asked them a few questions and here is what they had to say :

Why did you start a yoga centre and that too in Goa?

Veronika : My husband Atmarekha started this yoga institute in Darjeeling, where he had close to 100 students visiting him everyday. He was like a guru there, curing many many people. After he meet me in an Ashram we fall in love and we got married. I went to live with him there, we lived there for 2-3 years we were very happy, but you know the climate and a big city I was missing some more quite place and I was thinking that my husband should teach people from all over the world as everyone should benefit from his knowledge.
We were think to go Costa Rica, Europe….
Balance Boat : Are you from Costa Rica?
Veronika : No I am from Spain. Last year we came to Goa for a holiday and since then we are just working and building this place. We still have the institute in Darjeeling, people keep calling, you know know indian are they are very attached.

Why did you start practicing yoga? What made you so interested in yoga?

Veronika : I started 15 years back in my country I was a piano player playing for many hrs in my closed room and I always needed physical activity so I would go to the gym do aerobics. At that time I tried many yoga classes, but the way Yoga was presented to me in I did not feel it was complete, then I went to Holland and there I was exposed to move my style of Yoga after that I was travelling 2-3 years I took a break from my job, I was doing diving…at the end I can to India to do a Yoga Teacher training course it was my dream.
I visited many Ashrams and did a lot of training in one of the Ashram I meet Atmarekha and since then I am in India, you have to always keep learning.

What is your style of yoga, what you teach your students?

Atmarekha:  Since last 50 years yoga has expanded into different styles. Earlier Yoga was limited to Ashrams, then it went from Ashrams to institutions from institutions now people are trying to take yoga into the daily life. If you are corporate there is section called corporate yoga, if you are a child there is yoga for the child, yoga for pregnant women prenatal yoga, so for every person yoga is coming to their life rather than they going to yoga the yoga is coming to them. Yoga is broken up into many branches and depending on your comfort and limitation people choose.
Whether you call it Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Hatha Yoga, you call it Therapy Yoga, you call it Traditional Yoga the ultimate aim is the same. Everyone is taking the essence of yoga and applying in their own life and in their own place.
We are among freestyle yoga centres, where we try to impart all aspects of knowledge. Ok this is what yoga is about in a whole now I need to practise this form because it suits me most because our energy is different, our personality is different, our need is different, our demand is different. So according to your requirement we choose one form. That is why we decided to give a multi diverse multi style yoga teacher training because this is just a foundation and depending on your understanding you go ahead and choose which path you want to choose.
Yoga is a journey not a month thing, it a way of life a lifestyle.

3 things you would like to teach your students, your aim and mission?


What does a typical day at Green Yoga Goa look like?

We start at 06:30 and we end up at 19:00.
21:30 light off.
  • We start with mantras, some chanting some meditation.
  • Then we start with some asana practice.
  • After asana practices we give time for breakfast totally vegetarian, “Satwik food” which is friendly for the body and mind.
  • They we organise some philosophy class, because philosophy is an integral part of yoga as you should know what is behind the asana.
  • Then we go for some anatomy and alignment, yoga is relative to our body which muscles is working which muscles is doing which reaction to have the knowledge of anatomy you need some classes.
  • And then you get some lunch break and after lunch break we give some self study time, some laundry time because in yoga teacher training students are self dependant they are doing their own job.
  • And then in the evening we do some dynamic set of exercises Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga. Your body also has to be ready for different Yoga practices. When the body is fit the mind will also be fit.
  • Then we have a lecture on Ayurveda. Ayurveda and Yoga are relative to each other, they are complimenting each other.
  • Then short tea break
  • Then meditation, different meditation depending on the energy of the group, sometimes light meditation sometimes silent meditation.
  • Dinner and then end of day.
Sometimes on the weekend we organise dolphin trips for the students, close to the nature to understand nature, because we are from nature, nature is our source and we are Green Yoga we respect the green. Sometimes we do things like cleaning the beach.
Yoga is not limited to asanas.
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