June 21 was declared as the International Day of Yoga by the United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 2014. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his address to UN General Assembly on September 27 requested that June 21 be declared as the International Day of Yoga.

But why June the 21st for World Yoga Day and not some other day?

“June 20-21 is a very important day for our planet and its relationship with the sun. June 20-21 is one of two solstices, days when the rays of the sun directly strike one of the two tropical latitude lines. June 21 marks the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere and simultaneously heralds the beginning of winter in the southern hemisphere.”
——Prabhakaran Subramaniam

Image showing the 2 solstices
Photo credits Thomson higher education

Ok, but what has the Solstices got to do with yoga?

Well to answer that question we would request you to visit¬†http://www.quora.com/Is-there-any-significance-of-selecting-specifically-21-June-as-the-World-Yoga-Day. (can’t seal someone thunder :))

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